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Skin Deep is a house music day party hosted on the rooftop bar of The Star Casino, Gold Coast. In an orchestra of fire dancers, stilt walkers, DJs and cocktails, attendees celebrate poolside amongst the city skyline.

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As a director, I led creative initiatives such as stage design, artwork creation and video campaigns. Additionally, this includes operational tasks such as contractor management, financial accounting and partnerships. We have partnered with well known brands such as Red Bull, Hard Fizz Seltzer and Mr. Consistent Cocktails to facilitate a collaborated marketing presence, engaging activations and an enhanced drink menu on event day. 

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Flare is a slightly darker event project that takes inspiration from industrial nightclubs around the world, with deeper sounding music. Launched at 'Home The Venue' in Sydney and produced as an evening event for attendees, it twists the proven concept of Skin Deep into a more intimate and production heavy experience. 


Operating as a director, I had similar managerial responsibilities in the sense of booking acts, sponsorships, ticketing and on-the-day logistics. With total capacity pushing past 600 in the rooftop space, we saw first-hand the strength of Sydney's music and events scene. 

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